Family Estate Law For Entrepreneurs

As any entrepreneur will tell you, ensuring your private patrimony is protected is paramount. Which is why we're also here for you in case of legal questions regarding your private life. Our family practice focuses on litigation related to family assets, including protecting assets against third parties. We also create family capital structures with the support of external specialists in asset and inheritance planning, making Agio Legal your one stop shop for all family estate related matters.

Familial Financial Arrangements - We know our clients' corporate side through and through. When you enter into a relationship, we are here to advise you on your financial arrangements. Your marriage contract is essentially a familial shareholders' agreement. We are also on hand to advise you when it comes to inheritances, wills and gifts. Together we will find the best way to ensure continuity of your family business.

Familial Conflicts - Should things go awry following a divorce or the death of a family member, we advise and litigate with special attention for the financial consequences of settlement-distribution of marital property and inheritance, maintenance funds and more. Naturally we also conduct purely familial conflicts, such as those around descent and where the children should live.

Interdisciplinary Approach - For those cases where corporate law and family law are intertwined, we work interdisciplinary with other specialists from our office. Specialists are chosen for your case depending on the assets involved. We're familiar with marriages or legacies involving real estate, copyrights, literary and artistic property, shares, bitcoins, and more.

Asset Protection - Should your partner find themselves in financial difficulties with creditors, we will not only support your partner, but we will also protect your family members' assets. When partners work together professionally in a company, we will amend the shareholders’ agreement. Should things go wrong, we will ensure we resolve the dispute within the company.

Family Reunification - If you've fallen in love under the Argentinean sun and would like to bring your true love to Belgium, we will help manage your partner's immigration. We can also advise you on emigration, in which case we will call in support from our fiscal specialists to ensure all fiscal consequences are properly covered.

Contact us for:

  • Advice marriage regime and financial agreements
  • Procedures after divorce and death (including liquidation distribution)
  • Relationship property right
  • Asset protection in the event of the partner's insolvency
  • Family corporate disputes
  • Migration based on relationship (family reunification)
  • Artistic and literary ownership within family wealth

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